Rewrite short translations with AI.

How Does it Work?

Check the Translation

Feed your content into Rask AI, which translates it into the target language.

Highlighted Problematic Segments

Rask will highlight all the parts where the translated text is too long or may not align with the video's timing.


Press the "rewrite" button, and the AI Proofreader will automatically adapt the highlighted sections to fit perfectly into the allotted time, while preserving the essence and tone of the original content.

Why Would You Need This?

Short Translation

The translation in the target language might sound longer than the original, hence the need to adapt the translation, similar to what a human would do.

To handle cultural nuances

Not every phrase or sentence can be translated directly due to cultural differences. The AI Proofreader helps by adapting such phrases while keeping the overall message intact.

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Media Localization

For studios and content creators looking to adapt their content for international markets.


For educators and trainers creating multilingual learning material that needs to perfectly align with video content.

International Conferences

For event organizers who need accurate and timely translations and dubbing of speeches and presentations.

Marketing and Advertising

For businesses and agencies looking to adapt their promotional content to different languages, cultures, and markets.

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